Thursday, October 08, 2009

My new exclusive JET Twitter account

I've been using Twitter for a while now - mostly just for fun and personal Tweets and for following friends. I don't have a cell phone here in America, so I post to Twitter from my home MAC.

My general account is Taisha Jason.

But I thought it might be best to offer a Twitter account with general advice and guidance for JET Applicants and people interested in moving to Japan.

So I've started a 2nd Twitter account - just Click Here.

I've titled it JapanJET and I hope to make daily posts with small bits of information that I hope will be helpful to people going to Japan to live and work.

Feel free to leave feedback here or send me a note on Twitter.


1 comment:

Nater said...

Jason -- Just tossed you on my twitter account. I've been following your youtube vlogs for a bit and really have found them helpful -- thank you for those! My app is under construction and I'm hopeful.

Thanks again for all you've put out there, please know that those of us reading and watching appreciate it so much.