Monday, June 13, 2005

Chorus Club

Chorus Club
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I had the day off from Kendo practice today, so I spent that time after school today wandering around and visiting some of the other clubs at Taisha Junior High.

This is the girls choir - I'm pretty sure we don't have a boys choir, and I'm not sure if a boy could join choir if he wanted to sing or not.

The first row in this picture contains some of my favorite 9th graders - all really friendly and a few, like Haruka in the center, are very good at English.
Today they asked me to help them with the pronunciation of the English words to a song they are learning. It was a very bizarre song about dandelions, written by a Japanese man and translated into English, which is the version they're singing.

Other clubs at my school that girls can join include: gymnastics, track and field, soft tennis, volleyball, art, science, brass band and the only coed sport - Kendo.

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