Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The girls Soft Tennis team at the Pep Rally

The girls Soft Tennis team at the Pep Rally
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

These are six of my 9th graders, all on the Soft Tennis team. L to R: Mako, Ruriko, Asuka, Yuuka, Nami, Shiori. Soft tennis is the only kind they play here at school. They play on dirt courts with a special, rubber ball that bounces differently compared to a regular tennis ball. They only play doubles as well. One of the doubles pairs on the boys team did really well and got first place in the competition yesterday. Woo-hoo - go Taisha Chu!

Almost all of these girls are super nice and outgoing - some of my best English students as well. And I like their black and red uniforms way better than the blue and black the boys wear.

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