Sunday, January 22, 2006

in Fukuoka with two Sumo rikishi

with two Sumo rikishi
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Today is the last day of the New Year sumo tournament - and my favorite wrestler, Asashoryu, lost yesterday meaning that he can't win the whole tournament today. It'll be the first tournament he's lost since September of 2004 - he won the last 7 tournaments in a row - an amazing achievement that set a new Sumo record.

Fellow ALTs Mark D and Rusty and Rusty's girlfriend, Satoko, and I went to Fukuoka last November to watch live Sumo and it was great.

I finally got some pics that Satoko took with her camera and here's one of her, Mark and I outside the stadium with two rank-and-file rikishi (wrestler - which literally translates to "strong man"). You don't quite get a sense of scale on just how big these guys are until you see a few up close - for comparrison in this pic I'm 6'1" (182 cm) and I weigh about 115 kgs - these guys are BIG!

Click on this pic and I've posted a few other fun ones to my Flickr site.

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