Sunday, January 08, 2006

Xmas 2005 - Santa @ TKC

Xmas 2005 - Santa @ TKC 3
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TKC stands for "Taisha Kids Club" and that's where I spent an afternoon entertaining an audience of 2, 3 and 4 year olds and their Moms as Santa San.

The costume I had to wear in my 5 appearances as Santa at various day cares and kindergartens was pieced together from 3 seperate esembles and I bought the hat myself. As you can see it barely fit, but it made quite an impression on most of the kids who have never seen a non-Japanese person as Santa.

And yes, that's a woman dressed up as Mickey Mouse on my left and the other woman was my reindeer. I "ho-ho"ed and shook hands and passed out presents and this day we even danced the "hokey pokey" while singing the Japanese lyrics. Ahh... Christmas memories. :)

-Jason Claus

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Kim said...

Hey Jason,

I'd love to swap emails with you... I'm studying japanese, even though I need to get much more serious about it. (I can read hiragana pretty well, not that I know what I'm reading though!)

I had to share this with you though, my japanese friend left america back in March... her two young boys had spent 3 years in America... when Christmas rolled around, they were worried that Santa wouldn't be able to find them in Japan because they truly thought the only Santa was the dude at our local mall... :-)

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