Thursday, April 06, 2006


For those of you "in the know" - the numbers above will not appear as a random sequence but immediately conjur to mind a specific date in film history - May 25, 1977 - opening day for a little George Lucas sci-fi film called STAR WARS. (back when it was just "Star Wars" and not yet "Episode 4 - A New Hope")

An independent film called 5-25-77 is set to open in America in, you guessed it, May of this year. Obviously I won't be there to see it. And despite other HUGE films opening in May, including X-Men 3 and The Da Vinci Code, I'd actually be more excited to see 5-25-77.

After you see the trailer and if you know me at all, you'll know why. Luckily, the film is not really about Star Wars exactly - it seems more of an American Graffiti - what happens to a group of friends on a specific day. And the short trailer is chock full of things that made me smile. I wasn't in High School when Star Wars first opened **I"m NOT that OLD!** but I did go see it on the big screen with my older sister and parents that summer.

So if you're in America and this film plays near you - give it a shot - it looks to be a charming little film. And the director made a great choice casting John Francis Daley in the lead. Daley used to be much smaller and younger when he portrayed Sam Weir on one of my all-time favorite TV shows - FREAKS and GEEKS, but he seems perfect for this role.

So check out the trailer below and save me an aisle seat....


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Patrick Read Johnson said...


Thanks so much for the nice comment on "5-25-77"!
I'm working hard to finish it up for a spring 2007 release.
I hope the finished film is everything you expect and more.

Best wishes,
Patrick Read Johnson
Writer/Director "5-25-77"