Thursday, April 06, 2006

ID4 with a Japanese accent

I just signed up at a site called You Tube so I can hopefully post a link to a movie trailer I want all of you to see.

But first I will test to make sure it's gonna work by posting this link

This is a short video of a Japanese man watching the movie "Idependence Day" and speaking along with the dialogue.

Maybe funny for some, but those of us teaching here, this is a daily occurence - and to be perfectly honest, the guy does a pretty good job - i would kill for most of my students to speak this enthusiastically and have this guy's pronunciation.

OK - see if this works....



Emily Watkins said...

Heh, interesting.
Who uploaded this video, and what was their motivation for doing so?

ele said...

HA HA HA!what the hell is that?,too silly to serious..i couldnt stop to my laugh until the end BUT,also im japanese and can Not speak well by English even like that.LOL
by the way, i got mad often by my teacher of piano when i was kid.cuz i could not play well with read the score.i felt same same thing in the video langage lesson.