Saturday, February 12, 2005

9th Grade Opt class - girls

9th Grade Opt class - girls 2
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Here are 4 pics from my san nen sei (9th grade) class at Taisha Junior High. This is the optional class where the kids chose to study English. This class and my other optional class of 8th graders are exchanging emails with a class of students in San Diego at San Dieguito Academy who are studying Japanese.
These students graduate from middle school in late March and are off to various local High Schools in April. They've been a good group and patient with me as I learned the ropes of being an ALT, so I'll miss them when they go.

First name and last initial - L to R: Satoko W, Yui I, Seina M, Ayaka K, Ayaka G, Megumi K, Asami Y.

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