Sunday, February 13, 2005

Trivia - Sat & Sun, Feb. 12th & 13th

Catherine Deneuve sang and danced in the 2000 film Dancer in the Dark, her first appearance in a musical in some time. Which two classic Jacques Demy musicals did she also star in during the 1960s?

Yesterday's Answer (highlight line below):
Breaking the Waves


Anonymous said... If you haven't seen it this now. I just ordered my copy. This movie is awesome on a stick!

Emily Watkins said...

Huh. Okay, I guess I thought Breaking the Waves had come out in 1998. I guess that was just when I heard about it.

Her name being remarkably similar to my own, a friend of mine told me at school, "Hey, some actress with the same name as you was just nominated for an Academy Award!"

Usually, the confusion is the other way around.