Tuesday, February 08, 2005

ONI skit 1 - Usagi Sho

ONI skit 1 - Usagi Sho
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

The two teachers at Usagi Sho particpating in a skit about a Oni (demon) that must be banished by throwing beans at it. That's the school principal in the background dressed up as the demon.

I got to be a demon too later on and the kids threw beans at me as I ran around the gym. Later I followed them around the school and we threw beans out various windows and door and shouted "Oni wa soto" (Oni go outside) and something about asking Happiness to come inside. Then later we were each supposed to eat one bean for each year we've been alive. I couldn't manage 35 beans, but I ate a few.

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Anonymous said...

oooo you 35? gee you're old =)