Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Awesome kids - Usagi Sho

Awesome kids - Usagi Sho
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The entire student body at Usagi Elementary (except for one girl who was absent that day). Great kids - I love visiting Usagi Sho.

On Thursday, my Jr High had a holiday, but I agreed to visit Usagi Elementary. It's a great school and the kids love hanging out with me and I enjoy seeing them as well. Only 6 students plus two girls in yochien (kindergarten) in the whole school, so I get lots of one-on-one time and know all the kids' names. There is one 6th grader, who will soon be at Taisha Jr High, and one 5th grader, and they both speak very good English for their age. Good endorsement for keeping class size small (but just two kids in class is a little extreme). Spent most of the day there - ate lunch with them and played soccer at recess. Fun day.

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