Monday, February 21, 2005

Hinomisaki Sho - 5

Hinomisaki Sho - 5
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This class of 5th graders at Hinomisaki was special in some ways - they were the last class where I had to do my "jikoshokai" (self-introduction). So after teaching for 6 months I have now at least been to every class at least once. They were a fun group - one kid even asked me if they have regional dialects in America like they do in Japan. I told him about the South vs New York vs Southern California, doing my best accent for each region. I think he understood.

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Emily Watkins said...

That's really cool that he would think to ask something like that. I try telling people that I have a different accent from President Bush, and they're usually surprised by the very idea of different accents in America.

I think he understood.That's the best you can do, sometimes. :)