Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bullet Train at Shin-Osaka Eki - 2

Bullet Train at Shin-Osaka Eki - 2
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

Another angle on the "shinkansen" (bullet train).

I rode for only about an hour, between Okayama and Shin-Osaka station, where i transfered to a normal train that was supposed to take me directly to Kansai Airport. But that train stopped about mid journey at a station. I was wearing my headphones and listening to music, a bit oblivious to my surroundings, when I noticed that I was the only person left on the train. I removed my headphones, but of course all the announcements were in Japanese. Still, I got off the one train and walked across the platform to a waiting train, and saw other gaijin(pronounced guy-gin) with luggage, so I figured I must be on the right train. Not sure what happened to the first train I was on, but I did make it to the airport, and only about 15 minutes later than I was supposed to.
I also bumped into another Shimane ALT, named Melanie, at the airport. Turns out she was heading home to California as well on the same Thai Airways flight. What are the odds?? Anyway, it was nice seeing her and catching up a bit. She's got a fun blog/live journal of her own Here.

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