Thursday, April 21, 2005

Welcome the new teachers enkai - Taisha JH - 2

Welcome the new teachers enkai - Taisha JH - 2
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Since I don't eat fish, and almost every course that night involved seafood, I decided to take a picture of my tray at the end of the night with almost every course we were served. It's a lot of food spread out over about 2 hours. I had some Pepsi and ice cream that night. I've been to other parties like this one where my hosts, knowing that I don't eat fish, have ordered me a special meal with some beef or noodles. You'd think that my Junior High co-workers, who I spend more time with than anybody else I associate with, could do the same. Hmmmm - this may be the last enkai I go to with my JH staff. We'll see....

Shame too, cuz even though I can barely communicate with most of them, it's fun to see my coworkers in a more relaxed and convivial atmosphere. At least they had Pepsi for me that night, instead of having to drink beer and sake and pretending to like it.

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