Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mark - the quiet Beatle

Interview practice with Taisha Sho 6th graders - 10
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So now I'll introduce you individually to each of the five JETs who came to Taisha this day and helped out with the 6th graders.

First up is Mark McEvoy. Now this Mark (there are two of them - pay attention) is from Ireland, which is some little island close to England I think. They talk funny there, but I try not to let that bother me when Mark is letting me watch his Cable TV feed of the English Premiere League.

Mark is the only one of us there that day who is not an ALT. He's a CIR - which stands for Coordinator of International Relations. Which basically means he actually works for his salary, as compared to us ALTs who sing songs and write the alphabet on the board and speak our native tongue to the astonishment or bemusement of those around us.
Mark works at the City Hall in Izumo and has actually met the Mayor - and I'm not talking about Mayor McCheese - who's Irish I think. He translates stuff and interprets and mentally crushes all those in his path with his sardonic wit.

Mark rarely gets to schools at all, so this was a fun day for him too. This picture shows Mark having fun - no really, he's having a grand old time - can't you tell?

Mark is recontracting for a third and final year on the programme - so the Friendship House will stay intact and the nonstop party will never have to end - well, at least not until July of 2006.

Mark is a great guy and he speaks really good Japanese, which you'd know if you could ever get him to say anything. But just insult Arsenal football club, and he'll start talking.... :)

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