Monday, April 25, 2005

Taisha Sho Graduation

Taisha Sho Graduation - 9
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Here is the new gym at Taisha Elementary during the 6th grade graduation ceremony.

It was an emotional ceremony for many in attendance since most of these kids have been students at Taisha Sho for 6 years, so they'll miss their younger friends and the staff and teachers as they're now with me at Taisha JH as 7th graders.

At one point, each 6th grader (there were about 50-60 of them) gave a "shout out" to his parents or friends or teachers for taking care of them during their school days and helping them to graduate. Some of the girls could barely get the words out thru their sobs and tears. This pic shows the 6th graders filing out after the end of the ceremony, after they'd gotten their diplomas, while the rest of the student body sung a song on their way out. Glad I went - interesting counterpoint to the much more staid and formal 9th grade graduation I'd attended earlier that week.

After the ceremony in the gym was finished, the two classes assembled in their respective homerooms and each teacher greeted their parents and said something nice about each student and they all received small gifts and then gave a small gift to their parent(s).
After that, all the 6th graders walked out of the school while all the other students lined the halls and cheered and clapped as they filed past.
It was really a cool send off - I'm glad I got to be part of it.

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