Sunday, May 01, 2005

New Superman in costume

OK - whenever I have time on my hands like I did today, cuz it's Sunday and it's been raining all day and there's nothing on TV in English, I end up catching up on some of my online reading - mostly about movies and comics.

I came across a column at a site I like - used to be called PopCultureShock, now called BuzzScope - that is written by a guy named Sandy Collora. Sandy is a fan-film maker famous among comic nerds for a short film called "Dead End" he made featuring Batman battling the Joker, a Predator and an Alien. Great film!
You can check out Sandy's recent 3 minute fan film depicting Superman and Batman by Clicking Here or you can check out his website and the "Dead End" film by Clicking Here.

Anyway - Sandy is none too pleased with the look of the new Superman costume for next year's film. What - you didn't know that Bryan Singer, the talented director of The Usual Suspects and both X-Men films has jumped ship and decided to make the first new Superman film in many, many years? Well, he has and he cast an unknown actor named Brandon Routh to play Superman/Clark Kent, and the first picture of him in the red and blue costume has been released. I kinda like it, but I understand where Sandy is coming from.

You can see the picture only by Clicking Here.

Or you can read the article and see the pic by Clicking Here.

Reviews seem to indicate that the big-screen version of one of my all-time favorite novels, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is a good time at the cinema. Can't wait until it opens here in Japan.
You can see the trailer for HHGTTG by Clicking Here.

And have you seen the newest trailer for Batman Begins???? It just makes me even more excited for the film, which I'm so looking forward to, I can't even tell you. AND, it's gonna open here in Japan only one week after it opens in the US. Cool!
That's probably due to the fact that Watanabe Ken, the charismatic Japanese actor who was a big part of the success of The Last Samurai here in Japan, plays a villian in the new Batman movie.
Check out the newest trailer Here.

Anyway, I'm off to surf more of the net - hope you're having a good weekend.


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