Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Night out with the Lads - Saturday, May 14th

A Night on the Town - Izumo style! - 12
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

The local gang from Izumo was joined by Shimane JET Dave Ashby for some fun out on the town - Izumo Stlye!

First we hit the local bowling emporium, which also has pool tables and ping pong and video games galore.

Had to figure out how big our feet are in centimeters to order our rental shoes - I'm about a 28. They came in nifty day-glo neon colors and had velcro instead of laces. Maybe I should get a pair to use as my indoor shoes at my Junior High.

The lanes in Izumo are cool and were pretty busy as it was Saturday night. Of course, almost all the young guys around us were smoking, which is a drag, but what can you do? We all noticed that as the lanes filled up and the place got busy, no one was asked to bowl right next to us - do they think Gaijin have cooties? :P

Lisa was off in Matsue, as she often is on the weekends, so if was just the lads this night. Had a good time and I even got to play some Bonnie Tyler, Huey Lewis, Paul Young, and Mr. Mister on the video jukebox.


K said...

Sounds (and looks) like you guys had a great night out! Love the bowling shoes!

blue_dolphin said...
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blue_dolphin said...

I know that bowling shoes smell so bad but they're really comfortable!