Wednesday, April 19, 2006


1-1 kyoshitsu
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The calm before the storm - Nyuugakushiki means "entrance ceremony for new students." The first day for my new 7th graders is a big deal here - there is a whole ceremony with a reading of their names and speeches and songs and most of the new students' parents attend.

For me it's an interesting day - i get to see all my old 6th graders - some wearing a school uniform for the first time - all serious and nervous about starting Jr High. The cool thing for me is that they all know me from my coming to their elementary schools - so other than their friends who are upperclassmen - I'm the one familiar face. Great group of kids this year - I look forward to teaching them.

click on this pic to see many more from this day - i posted comments on Flickr this time instead of blogging about the pics.



Havok said...

Hey Jason,

Thanks for the link!
Looks like things are going well out your way. Take it easy!


Roberto said...

Jason, you may enjoy my own take on nyuugakushiki. My son's youchien nyuugakushiki was yesterday ...

Adventures of a boy in a small fishing village an hour southwest of Tokyo here: