Saturday, April 07, 2007

ALT invasion at Taisha Sho

Once again this year, I invited my friends from Izumo to come over to my local elementary school and help my soon-to-be 6th graders prepare for their April school trip to Hiroshima.

This year Chris, his wife Susie, CIR Judy, Mark, Eric, Ewan and Rusty helped out and we all had a good time practicing a dialogue with the kids for when they have to talk to foreigners in the Peace Park.

Thanks to everyone for helping and I hope some of you can do it again next year.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Jason,
I can't find an email for you so I am using this comments page. please delete this.

I taught English in Japnese JHS and High for seven years. At the moment I am about to start a study of adolescent self-concept, informal classroom roles, reputaion and outcomes for the University of Queensland. In reality it is a trail study using new blockmodel network and statistical analysis. I think I have to go to Holland to understand how it works. I'm hoping to run a bigger (hopefully funded) study next year. Some of the focus is on 'hikikimori', or severe social withdraw. I have four schools participating in Queensland, one in Germany and one in England.

As you and I know, while the Japanese system isn't perfect, there are many wonderful things about it such as biulding a sense of community. So i would like to do the study (it takes about 20 minutes) with some a Japanese classes. Under APA rules, to survey one school in isolation, I only need the Principal, or schools ethical commitee to O.K it.

However, i don't anyone working with 2nd year JH at the moment. Can you help me?

If you can, please let me know at and I'll forward some further details.

yours James Boewehorrill.