Monday, April 16, 2007

my Brass Band perform a famous Anime song

I've been trying to get out to see my kids perform and play as much as possible recently. Just this past weekend, I saw my Jr High teams compete in Volleyball, Girls' tennis, Baseball and Boys' tennis.

Here is a video of my great Brass Band playing a song from a famous Japanese cartoon. There is no drama club at my school, so if a student wants to perform, they can join the band (boys and girls) or the chorus (only girls) and they'll get some stage time.

I'll try to upload a bunch of other videos this week, so check back for more updates soon.



Havok said...

Thanks for the comment, man.

The thing that gets me the most about the whole sakura thing is how there's always at least one new crappy pop song that comes out every year in the spring that has soemthing to do with cherry blossoms.

We get it. Thanks.

I'm going to be in Izumo this weekend. You around? A buddy of mine is getting married at Taisha.

Susan Willis said...

Hah! I was curious as to what song it would be. It was Sailor Moon!


And I totally think that "famous anime song" is a complete understatement! ;-)