Monday, April 23, 2007

drawing day at IT with 9th graders

drawing day at IT with 9th graders - 73.jpg
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Friday, April 20th, was the annual drawing day we have at my Jr High with all the students going to areas around the school and drawing for the day.

The san nen sei (9th graders) always walk up to IzumoTaisha shrine - a beautiful place, and if the weather is nice, a great place to hang out for the day and draw.

So I tagged along and took tons of pictures (I uploaded about 90 of them to my Flickr site) and shot some short videos too.

It was cloudy, but not too cool - a nice day for a picnic lunch and some nice conversations with my current class of 9th graders - I've been their ALT since they were 6th graders at shogakko, so we all know each other pretty well by now.

Enjoy the pics!

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