Sunday, April 22, 2007

TJH Track & Field at Hamayama Park

This Saturday and Sunday I hung out with my Track and Field team at Hamayama Park, the local sports park.

Saturday was a nice enough day - warmish and mostly sunny, but today was cloudy and rainy and much cooler.
Two of our team did well - Miki came is 2nd in the 100 meter dash among all the girls competing -and Gamoh kun came in first in the boys' high jump - the rest of the team did OK.
I had fun hanging out and chatting and of course, taking pictures.

I also watched my A-team Baseball team - they had a tie game going in the 7th inning, the last inning they play at this age, so they played one extra inning - both teams scored one run, so the game was 3-3. How to decide who goes on to play in the championship game and who plays in the third place game?? JANKEN of course!
Yes, that's right, they had the entire team line up facing the other team and they went down the line, position by position (first base, pitcher, etc), having each pair play rock-paper-scissors to see which team would advance. Of course it was a tie and came down to the last pair - our center fielder threw paper and their team threw scissors and it was all over - we would play for third place while the other team would play for the championship. Only in Japan!! :)


Anonymous said...

That really had to piss off your kids...did they complain at all or do they sort of accept that that's the way it is since they're not used to playing extra innings.

Jason H. said...

They know about extra innings from watching pro-baseball on TV, but they accept that that's how you settle a tie in a Jr High game.