Monday, February 11, 2008

catching up with all my pics - #2

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Shogakko - elementary school. I think I have a love/hate relationship with elementary school at this point.

On the one hand, I love the kids and they love me. (what's not to love??)
Most of the kids are great, excited to see me and have fun with English - which can be a stark contrast to your more blase Jr High students.

But after 3 and half years, I've done some of the same games and songs so many times, it starts to get really repetitive. Some of my schools let me plan the lessons and I try to introduce new elements, but some just want me to repeat the same lesson we did last year.
And I'm either too old or too fat or both - but elementary exhausts me - you have to be so "on" all the time - and the dancing and singing is not what I signed on for, but something I've learned to endure and even enjoy on occasion.

Teaching at shogakko certainly helped me cement the notion that I would never teach that level back in the States, but as I said, I have some wonderful memories from my visits to elementary schools, and the kids are fantastic. So some days I look forward to going, some days I'd rather not - but I always make the best of it.

Above is some of my awesome kids - these are all the girls in the graduating class of 6th graders at my medium size shogakko, They are outnumbered by the boys in that class 2-to-1.
And in two short months, they'll be starting class as 1nen sei at Taisha Chu. :)

Below is a typical day of me eating lunch with the kids. As you know, I don't eat fish. I don't eat a lot of what is offered as part of the school lunch to be honest. But I muddle thru - my recent tatic if it's a day where I can't eat hardly anything on my tray, is to distract from the fact that I'm not eating by asking one of the kids for their notebook, and then drawing something for them inside and signing it. They are always impressed, despite my mid-level art skills, and other kids will ask for their own drawing.

Anyway - I have to go to shogakko twice this week - once for English club at this very school - and on Thursday, Valentine's Day - for 4 lessons in the morning. And I'm actually looking forward to both! :)

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