Monday, February 11, 2008

catching up with all my pics - #4

Nao, Atsumi, Kayla & Ang
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.


Here are two pics with my friends and fellow JETs here in Shimane.

Above is my lifeline to sanity - Ang - or Anna as she is known by her students at Taisha High School. She's pictured above with Kayla, the exchange student from New Zealand who recently went home. It's a shame they didn't let her stay until graduation. I'll be going to THS's graduation ceremony on March 4th - and one of the kids I'll be cheering for (ok - there is no cheering at a Japanese graduation - but I'll congratulate her) is Atsumi, standing next to Kayla. She's a great kid and was in my first class of 9th graders when I arrived back in 2004, so it's cool that I'll get to see her and a few other graduate.

Ang recently brought me OJ when I was sick!! She's so great! :)

Below is a pic from the goodbye party we had way last year for the JETs leaving last July. Pictured here is Sam, looking rather demonic and holding my Sumo fan.
We have a good group of JETs here in Shimane. With 5 of the 7 of us leaving from the Izumo area this upcoming July, I hope we get a good new bunch of people.


2007 Leaver's Party in Sada - 5.jpg

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