Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

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Hey Gang -

I uploaded another random assortment of pics to my Flickr site, so check em out if you have time.

On V-Day I spent the morning at Taisha Elementary school - had class with 6th graders, 5th graders and 4th graders, and ate lunch with one of the 5th grade classes.

My kids at Taisha JH were taking their semester finals, so it was a good day to visit shogakko.

But after I went back to TJH, I wandered around the school and visited many of the indoor clubs as they practiced. I confirmed with the gymnastics team that they were having a competition that Sunday, which I went to. I chatted with my favorite team - the Volleyball team. They were practicing along the gymnastics club in the unheated gym, so I didn't stay long.

Next, I found a stove in the chorus club room, and then I wandered the halls chatting with various members of the brass band. They practice spread out all over the school in unheated classrooms - crazy since it was like 3.C outside.

The picture above shows some of the band members getting ready for a concert on Sunday, which I also went to, after spending the morning watching my gymnastics team compete.

The class of 4th graders in the picture below did a really nice thing and every kid gave me a card or candy or a drawing for V-day. Wooo! :)

I also posted pics from around V-Day - playing Blokus with my kids at lunch break, the mountains outside my apt all dusted with snow, etc.


Valentine's Day at Taisha Sho - 26.jpg

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