Thursday, July 21, 2005

6th graders

Yokan Sho - roku nen sei - 14
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Many of my 6th grade classes are on that edge of being a bit cynical about learning - meaning that the kids are already starting to feel the pressure to succeed and are not as interested in having fun. But with the right motivation I can still get them to be silly and have a good time learning English. After all, they'll soon be in Jr High, and the world of fun songs and silly games will be only a memory.

One exception to the above are the 6th graders at Yokan Elementary - they are a really fun group and I always have a good time teaching their class.

Mostly cuz the kids in the class are really cool! Here are two of my favorites - the boy on the left is the class clown, but a sweet kid and the girl on the right is a bit shy with English, but not shy at all when it comes to everything else.

Peace & Miffy!

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