Monday, July 25, 2005

I wear my sunglasses at night...

Izumo Concert with Taisha JH band kids - 17
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

L to R: Hiroko, Masako, Aika

My sunglasses, being worn by Hiroko in this pic, were always a source of endless amusement for my students. Alas, I recently lost this pair and am now wearing an inferior back-up pair that are not nearly as cool.

Not sure why they all like to take turns trying on my sunglasses - it's not like all their parents don't have pairs, cuz they all do, but I'm happy to have them passed 'round - got some funny pics out of it.

Must spend some time soon and go shopping for a new pair. I used to have a great pair of Stussy sunglasses that fir my rather large head perfectly, but those too have gone away. This pair pictured were only about $10, but they worked great. We'll see what I can find here in Japan.

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