Tuesday, July 12, 2005

farewell party for Dustin

BBQ party for Dustin out in Tojo - 7
Originally uploaded by Jason In Japan.

Dustin, Danielle, and various others including Terry, the host of the party

Terry is a Japanese man who spent many years in the States and speaks really good English. He now lives in a small, rural part of Hiroshima-ken, near the Shimane border, and owns a restaurant named "Oregon Trail." I have yet to go there, but everyone says the food is excellent, with many Western dishes offered.

Dustin is finishing his 5th year as a JET and moving to another part of Japan (Hokkaido) in late July.

It took us about 2 hours to get out to Terry's house, but it was worth the trip.

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Emily Watkins said...

I don't know about "many Western dishes," but there are a few. Unfortunately the hamburgers that Dustin raved about no longer exist as proper hamburgers, but instead as tasty breakfast sandwiches. Ham on a bun. :/