Sunday, May 07, 2006

Clubs at Taisha Chu

Clubs at Taisha Chu
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Last Tuesday, May 2nd, was the last day of school before the Golden Week holidays - a series of 3 national holidays in a row that give many Japanese about a week's vacation each year in early May.

Since I was not going anywhere this year, I went to work on Monday and Tuesday - many JETs take those two days off in order to have about 10 days off in a row (including the weekends).

Tuesday was a mellow day although I taught all 4 classes that day, so I was busy at first. But we ate bento lunch early that day, at about 11:30, and then cleaned the school in preparation for the visiting parents. That's why I'm wearing a tie - I taught 4th period in an ichi nen sei class where the parents could come and watch their students being taught. After 4th period, at about 2pm, the parents and most of the staff went off for various PTA meetings, and the kids either went home early or went off to their clubs for daily practice.

Having nothing to do, I decided to wander around and chat with the various clubs and snap some pics. You can see some more pics by clicking on this one.

This upcoming week I've promised myself that I will start working out with the kendo team again - I had stopped during the very cold winter months, but I need to start getting some decent exercise again. But today is the start of the May Sumo tournament, so my desire to rush home each day to watch sumo for the next two weeks may supercede my desire to get sweaty with a big bamboo sword. We'll see. :)


PS - what do you think of the tie? I just bought it. I'm so fashion-challenged - I need to know if it will go with any other color shirts other than the white one I'm wearing here.


Titia said...

...Love the Tie!
-The Dredlocs in Kimono

K said...

I think the tie would also look nice with a dark blue shirt.