Monday, May 22, 2006

Comix rule!

Comix rule!
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I love American comic books!

All types, including romance stories, suspense, gothic horror, humor, and of course Superheroes.

My kids really don't know American superheroes that well, despite the plethora of recent film adaptations.

So I set up this display in my Language Lab classroom, which is used almost exclusively for English teaching, with some actual comic books in bags pinned up around the two large posters.

I bought the posters on eBay, and they were pretty cheap to send folded - much cheaper than buying a poster in a bookstore here. And I still get comics shipped to me every other month from the fine folks at the Comic Gallery in San Diego, where I used to work long ago.

Most Japanese manga (comics) are in B&W - so my kids are always interested in the full color monthlies and the difference in art styles.

It was just Free Comic Book Day in America, so I have some nifty free comics coming in my next shipment to give away as prizes in my classes.


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darrell said...

Hey, I'm headed to Shimane and I found your blog on the board.

The point of this comment post: I love comics too!

I'll be having about 15 or more titles shipped to me, my top reads right now being Nextwave, 52, and Legion of Superheroes.

What do you like to read?