Monday, May 22, 2006

Isogashii desu ne! (So Busy!)

So Busy!
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This is my schedule board on my desk at my Junior High.

I use it so my 5 JTE (Japanese Teachers of English) can sign up to have me come to their class.

I also write in my visits to Elementary school so they know when I'll be gone and unavailable.

Last week was a drop dead busy week!

There was no 6th period at my JH on Monday or Thursday, so out of 28 possible periods, I taught a class in 22 of them!

1-# means 7th graders
2-# means 8th graders
3-# means 9th graders
san san and iki iki are my special needs classes
Opt means my special elective English classes
and the red entries are my shogakko (elem school) visits

They are getting they money's worth out of this ALT, that's for sure.


But I can't really complain because I talk to ALTs (especially High School ALTs) that teach 5 classes in a whole WEEK! I'd rather be super busy than super bored.

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